5 Things to rectify before selecting the right workspace

    5 Things to rectify before selecting the right workspace.

    Before finding a coworking space for yourself, there's a lot to consider. Whether you're used to your freelancing life or just jumped into it, started your journey as an entrepreneur or are busy managing your dream business team, your new routine needs you to have the perfect workspace. For You The best co-working space should be capable of addressing every need, answering every question and, most importantly, letting you focus on your goals regardless of profession.

    Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a coworking space to see if the location you have in mind will contribute to your job (and life) as effectively as possible.

    1) Is it in a good location?
    If you just start and have a small team where people constantly come and go from the "office" room, you need to know that whether the space is going to accommodate you.
    For those entrepreneurs and companies that are just starting out, versatility is crucial to all but necessary. Let's take a step further and test the versatility–does your choice of coworking space have several spaces in a city? Or is it present in several towns? The need for travel could arise when business is booming for you. Can it be easily located with prospective clients or staff for interviews and meetings? Is it centrally located so that at one point the group will converge? Or can your team work from a network of coworking spaces, which is available in all popular locations?While security itself is a top priority, the coworking space itself and its locations are key factors to be considered.

    2) Is that safe?

    Security is of paramount importance, especially for women who choose to work in coworking spaces. There is no point in charting a whole schedule of timings other than 9-5 when, due to security problems, you can not execute them. And if you're in charge of a team, it becomes a hot spot when selecting a coworking space because your team's security concerns fall on you. So check if your narrowed down coworking site is located in a secure, well-populated and well-located place. Where there is no problem when working late at night and contacting customers and/or employees. The path from the coworking space to and fro and how connected they are, also becoming an important point to consider. In addition, find out whether the coworking space provides women with any special security measures.

    3)Is this economic?

    Sadly, for most decisions, money tends to be the primary factor. While writing your script might be nice to spend one evening or even a day at a coffee shop, doing the same every week may not be easy on the wallet. If you're a one-man army,  then you're going to have different needs and therefore the price. And keeping away from the stifling yet dependable pay is bound to make your wallet a hit. You have to realize your goal, your team supports you, but you can't afford to run out of fuel (read= money) before even leaving the barracks. Especially if you're a startup that still needs funding to be secured. So cross-check to see if your favorite coworking space offers a low price point to begin with, different plans you and your team can commit to depending on the frequency of your visits, will allow you to adjust your plan in the future (depending on your company, your team's size or any other factor) Flexibility for your payment plans is important.

    4) Will it help in managing Time?

    A coworking space includes flexible timings where you need to operate on a regular, weekly or monthly basis. While most freelancers use coworking spaces and have a set routine (although others may think!), you may want to change your working hours. Therefore, finding a room that provides flexible scheduling and longer working hours are issues that can not be resolved. Is your option of coworking space easily accessible and close by, reducing travel time (one of the main reasons people enjoy coworking spaces)? It would be an opportunity for you to choose a coworking space that you are familiar with.

    5) Does It Have Good Infrastructure? Simply put, does the outside match the inside? Of course, it is unlikely that if the outside resembles a mall, then the inside will have cracks in the wall and a roof that caves in. All the fundamental office stationary is usually available but always asks and checks that all the basics are present –such as wifi (ideally, free!), office stationery, printers, scanners and more? Is the ambience conducive to get the creative juices flowing?

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