Not Just a WORK place But a space where you work, work-out and network.

    Not Just a WORK place –but a space where you work, work-out and net-work.

    If you are looking for a not so office like boring space and a place where you can work at your own ease, you need to look no further than GoWork. The swanky spaces at GoWork are crafted for your business, emotional and monetary well being. What is it that makes GoWork, the largest in Asia and the most sought after workspaces among entrepreneurs and businesses alike? Here’s throwing some light on some specifically-crafted amenities at GoWok.


    SHUTTLE SERVICE - the daily commute made easy.

    In a place like NCR, the most tiring and agonizing part of the day for anyone who travels daily to work is the commute. Long, Tiring and exhausting and that too early in the morning. You would agree that most of us are already exhausted, even  before  we have reached office and started the day at work. Thankfully, the shuttle service from GoWork has come to the rescue of the incumbents at this co-working space so you don’t have to drive to work anymore. Travel by comfortable metro, Come till the Indus IND metro station of rapid metro and have the shuttle pick you up from there to the your GoWork Office.

    GYMNASIUM – for, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

    Long working hours, chasing never ending deadlines, sedentary life and work style? Don’t let these factors lead you being a patient before you become the CEO !. GoWork believes in overall wellbeing and thus has set in place a state-of-the-art gym, where one can workout and stay fit. It isn’t easy for everyone to first chase work deadlines and then take time out separately to drive to the gym, rather why even do that when you can get the same exercise within your work premises without the need of that 30- 45 mins unnecessary drive to the neighborhood gymnasium. Come, work, hit the gym, stay healthy, that’s the notion behind introducing the gym at the workplace.  Open from 7 am to 10 pm, you can be at the gym at whatever time suits you.

    CAFÉ - Daily dose of refreshers available

    One of the best features of GoWork is that the café is located, right at the entrance. The personnel at GoWork say that this placement of the café , right at the entrance is a strategy that makes it the place with most footfall. And, its not just another café with boring sandwiches and sad drinks, but the one with 5-star delicacies and gourmet dishes that delight you and your guests. Best in class drinks delicacies sourced from Radisson and Brewhouse, and other showstopper dishes, would make you come back for more.

    Meditation Zone – for the spiritual bliss!  

    Considered as one of the basic foundations of mental wellbeing, meditation yields to an enlightened mind and body. Since the Vedic times, it has been advised to meditate daily to remain in-tune with our senses. Located on the 8th Floor, GoWork has a gem of a facility that is rightly called the Meditation Zone. This heaven of a spiritual bliss seeking minds, offers a properly acoustic room where no noises from the outside world can penetrate. Painted in soothing shades this tranquil space makes the dousing of the inner noises easier as you meditate here.   

    To Explore more about this amazing place, talk to our representative today. Visit and hit the chat button. Ring us or leave a Whatsapp message on 8880851000, we shall guide you to the best plans that suit your budget and business.

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