The Mind Boggling Frustration Zone @ GoWork

    Popularly known, Coworking spaces usually cater to individuals and small teams and provide them with offices or workstations in shared rooms. Here the teams or individual can work individually while being a part of a larger room full of entrepreneurs from different fraternities.
    When it comes to providing to the individuals or companies, the amenities are not limited to a workstation and an outlet for the computer machine. The spaces at GoWork come galore with state of the art amenities. These amenities range from basic amenities like 24-hour access, high speed internet, daily cleaning, IT support, front desk services and office supplies, to out of the box ideas like a meditation zone, sleeping pods, conferencing rooms, gaming zones and a 5star cafeteria.

    Topping the list of amenities at GoWork is the innovative or rather we should say bizarre amenity known as the “Frustration Zone.”

    Yes, we said it right and you heard it right ! a place known as a frustration zone does exist !!

    Read along as we tell you more about this innovative idea propounded and conceptualized by GoWork’s chief evangelist Sudeep Singh.
    The concept of the ‘Frustration Zone’ is so innovative and mind boggling, that it has been talked about in a popular Indian Magazine/news portal, The Economic Times. The article in Economic times talks about a start up owner who has learnt to leave his frustrations and ill feelings at the workplace only, by swinging a hammer on a keyboard or 2, or punch a punching bag that hangs at the frustration zone.
    For any individual, getting even and calming down after a hard day at work is essential for his personal life. One can give his 100% to his family when one leaves the frustrations and stress behind at the workplace itself. If not vented out properly, the ill feelings or the frustrations can lead to poor mental health and increased levels of stress, resulting to severe health and heart problems.
    Owners of many a organizations that operate from the GoWork premises, have found it beneficial for their mental health and overall well being. This frustration zone is a soundproof room containing old broken cars, plastic hammers, old keyboards and computers and other things that can be banged upon. One can be inside this room free from formal obligations of the outside world, yell, scream and let his true self relieve itself. Although sounding bizarre and unusual, this concept has garnered appreciation and has been welcomed by many.
    For stress free business, explore the various options available at GoWork. Posh Locations, swanky offices, state-of-the-art amenities, everything that requires your business to flourish is here !
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