A Coworking Software Developer ? - Some Desk Essentials for you!

    Bearing in mind that you spend so much time sitting at your desk, it is important to create a space that not only works for you and helps your success, but is also an environment in which you really enjoy being.
    So, here's a list of objects, accessories and other things that developers suggested to set up a desk:

    Office essential stationary –
    An office without paper never really existed, and sometimes it's easier to take a flagchit or postit and write a quick note, or grab a pencil to illustrate an idea for good reason. Easy-to-reach notebook is always great and pencils, notebooks and post-it notes are all necessary.

    A comfortable chair -
    It is equally important to ensure that you are sitting in a comfortable seat, just as having a great mattress is vital to your sleep, you spend so much time sitting at your office, and it can really make a difference to have the best support and posture. Considering the amount of time you're going to spend in it, it's worth spending a little extra for a good seat. Look at it as a long-term sound investment.

    More than one Monitor -
    The advantages of having 2 screens to extend your desktop space are well known, and many developers suggest this as a requirement.
    With the extra screen, multi-tasking, copying and pasting, thorough editing and side-by-side comparisons are all much simpler. There's also been plenty of research to show the productivity gains that an extra screen could bring — so it's definitely worth considering if you've not already joined the two-screen community.

    Good Headphones -
    A good pair of headphones that suppress noise can be a worthwhile alternative to perfect your desk setup. Without a good sound system, no desk is complete. In a coworking space a roaring pair of speakers isn’t that a good idea, but a good set of noise cancelling headphones that suppress outside noise are there to rescue you.
    Unlike standard headphones, soundproofing methods are used by a noise canceling pair to minimize ambient sounds around you— such as other people chitchatting, or a noisy machine, to help you stay focused.
    With a Noise canceling headphones, that suppresses unnecessary noises, It is possible to listen to your tunes without having the volume set at an unreasonable level as they are isolating you from outside noise.

    A Squeezy Stress ball -
    Gripping or holding a stress ball does often take away the mind off from whatever problem you might be facing. It's relaxing for a few minutes, and this practice can often result in a fresh attitude returning to your desk a fresh, and handle the situation better.
    A pressure ball can also help strengthen the muscles in your wrists in addition to relieving tension and relaxing nerves, helping to fight computer-related nerve stresses.

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