Frequently Asked Questions


    What are Gowork operating hours?

    Our hours of operation are 9am to 6pm. Monday to Saturday. Private studios and dedicated desks will have key card access to the office 24*7.

    Do I get access to all Gowork locations?

    If you are a member at one centre, you get key card access to all our centres. Furthermore, the Gowork Connect app allows you not only to book meeting rooms at other locations but also get access to printers, Wi-Fi and the fuel bar.

    If I want to visit Gowork, do I need to schedule a tour or can I just walk in?

    Feel free to walk into any of the Gowork centres. But we suggest you schedule a tour with us either by calling us on: +91 8880851000 or emailing us on:

    Memberships & Packages

    What are the KYC documents which will be taken from me when I sign up for a membership?

    The list of KYC documents vary from the format of worksphere picked by a member. Adding to this, each member is required to submit the following documents:

    • •   Company Incorporation Letter
    • •   Company Pan Card
    • •   Individual Identity Proof
    • •   Address Proof

    Are there any hidden costs in membership packages?

    We believe in keeping our membership packages transparent. Therefore, we are upfront about all charges and additional costs which would be charged.

    What do lounge and lounge plus packages include?

    A Lounge package gives you access to the Gowork Connect app as well as a one day pass for the month. The Lounge plus package gives you access to the Gowork Connect app, a one day pass for the month as well as mailroom package handling. Your business can use the Gowork office as your registered business address and therefore receive mails and packages on your behalf.

    Payment & Credits

    What are my payment options?

    We accept payments via cheque, wire transfer and credit cards. Payments are also possible via net banking and credit cards through the Gowork Connect app.

    How do I change my payment information?

    You change your payment information by logging on to the Gowork Connect app at Alternatively, you could get in touch with your community manager.

    How much do I need to pay to ?reserve? an office?

    In order to secure your Gowork membership, you are required to pay a security deposit equivalent to 3 months of membership fees plus the first month’s rent.

    Facilities & Amenities

    What is the average square feet of the workspace?

    At Gowork, we provide our members access to packages. Therefore, you pay only for a desk the rest comes as a package.

    Are Gowork events chargeable or free?

    Gowork has an action packed calendar. Thus we have events multiple times a week at each centre. While most events are free to members, some events are chargeable to non-members.

    Can visitors enter my Private Studio?

    Yes. Visitors would need to be registered at our front desk before entering the building.


    What if I want to partner or avail special offers with Gowork business partners and alliances?

    Gowork has alliances with several business providers which are exclusive only to its members. Special offers may be availed through the Gowork Connect app.

    Can I have a standee of my business at the Gowork events?

    You would need to be hosting an event in order to display a standee. As a Gowork member, you are more than welcome to promote your business via the Gowork Connect app. Furthermore, community managers facilitate as many opportunities as possible for you to promote your businesses. However, We have display systems on which content will exhibited only if it passes our set guidelines.

    Can I advertise my business on the Gowork Connect app?

    Although members are not allowed to advertise on the app, the Gowork Connect app is designed to enable members to promote their businesses by listing the services they offer on their business profile page. Furthermore, the app is designed to facilitate collaboration between members.

    IT & Technology

    What is the internet speed at Gowork?

    Gowork provides all its members access to a 20mbps internet lease line, while for guests or visitors it’s 10mbps. The internet can be accessed over WiFi throughout the centre. In addition, wired connections are available in some private studios.

    How many devices am I allowed to connect to the Gowork Wi-Fi?

    Each member is allowed to connect up to two devices to the internet while guests are allowed to connect one device.

    What are the charges for a dedicated IT connection?

    If a you have your own internet service provider, we facilitate a direct connection to your private studio via our exchange fees. Alternatively, Gowork provides a higher internet speed of 40mbps, charges vary by centre.

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