Gowork Co Working - Tips for Free Lancers

    Spaces at Gowork offer freedom to freelancers to work on their own pace and be their own boss. Since Gowork has always thought of being supportive to entrepreneurial ventures, here are a few tips, if you are venturing into the realm of freelancing.

    Freelancing is definitely not for everyone but for some, it can be the way to boost the balance of work / life or to become one's own boss. Whether you're thinking about freelancing, just getting started, or working on your own, here are tips that should be considered by every freelancer.

    Keeping a regular schedule It sounds simple, but most freelancers know it's not as easy as it appears. That's why it's so important to plan and stick to your schedule. Scheduling allows you to: meet important deadlines Give each customer the attention they deserve to balance work / life

    Always Have a Service agreement. An agreement helps freelancers strengthen several things: the price negotiated between you and the client, the project's requirements and effectiveness, due dates, revisions or cancellations of projects, and reimbursement. Contracts also help protect you from potential legal disputes, conflicts, and ensure that you are compensated for your work.

    Make sure to get an upfront deposit. It can be difficult to be alone out there. And, for your hard work, you want to make sure you get paid properly and on time. Secure a deposit before you begin some work for your client. You can divide the payments in several parts so that it doesn't feel cumbersome to the client to take out that kind of an amount to transfer to you at one point. Payments, both given and taken in installments always go well with both, the sender as well as the beneficiary.

    Considering the taxes you need to pay is important before you send a quote to clients and your tax obligations should be part of setting your rates. ⠀Being crystal clear on income sources and damages is the key to achieving the estimated profits. If you do not calculate in accordance to your tax liabilities, chances are you would not get as much return or profit as you dreamt of! Furthermore, it is important to think about how you can save on taxes and how best to file taxes (annual or quarterly payments) for your business.

    Be the leader in finding new clients in your niche. How to target new customers? You have to put yourself in your room as an expert and share your knowledge with anyone who listens. If the client finds you confident about your field and trusts that you are aware of the standards of what they are looking for, the chances of conversion from lead to contract increase manifold.

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