What binds people together at GoWork

    Individuals from various backgrounds find the workplace, home, and each person brings something special to shared office spaces, doing vastly different work. In an atmosphere designed for collaborative work, entrepreneurs, freelancers, large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, work side by side. A part of a community has multiple benefits–learning from each other, gaining motivation, sharing resources, creating relationships, and more. It is important to harness a community's strength in search of achievement and fulfillment. So, what are the unified, healthy community's essential ingredients?

     People's groups unite around problems, causes, and values that form a common ground on which to build. You must have common goals in order to move people from being acquaintances to more meaningful relationships. We've found a love for creative thinking shared by our people at GoWork. Whether it's designing a brand, collaborate certain fashion or ponder on certain software, at every step, and in every decision,  people use technology. We know that big business is not founded in isolation, so they often support and empower each other to bring their dreams to life. It is this shared love of creative development that drives and ties the culture at GoWorks together. We are building on this shared goal by giving them an atmosphere where their shared goals and individual goals are never compromised. The artwork and design embody these millennial workplace ideals and reinforce them–hustling hard, finding inspiration, working together, not compromising on qualities and much more...

    While members share an entrepreneurship spirit, a clear sense of belonging may be characterized by productive societies. This sense of camaraderie is created by regular interactions contributing to a cohesive culture building. We're breaking away from tradition, but we're kindling the underestimated interest of sharing, at the heart of it all. Daily activities such as childhood games, product launches, new product feedback collection gathering, and meeting & greeting events lead to the formation of common traditions that facilitate sharing of interests, intelligence and ultimately lead to sharing of ideas.

    Members should participate in more than just transactional interactions in order to build enduring relationships. The spaces at GoWork are designed to ensure staff has enough chance for more than pleasantries to share. Whether this is our Café, where people talk about snacks and coffee or the frustration zone where our people release their stress, our offices have smartly designed open spaces to promote networking.


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